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Thank goodness for East Coast Waterproofing, a dependable, family owned company. They saved my home from potential flooding. Top notch professionals! They kept everything on track and were very courteous. Roger’s team did a great job. They showed up on time, worked hard, cleaned up, and completed the work quickly and on schedule. You can’t even tell it was a construction site even though they went down over 8 feet to replace the faulty weeping tile and properly waterproof the foundation. I highly recommend them!!

Margaret Siwek

I truly do not know where to start to express my gratitude, and above and beyond satisfaction with East Coast Waterproofing and Roger.  I found myself with a wet basement and didn’t understand how or what was needed. I started by requesting quotes and Roger replied the same day and offered to drop by that evening.  He spent time with me explaining why water was leaking in due to my drainage tiles no longer working correctly.  He then went through how he would fix the problem.  I had no idea how helpful this would all be, as the 3 other contractors did not do this, and because of how Roger educated me I was able to ask questions and clarify services that I would have otherwise not known about.  Needless to say, Roger’s quote from East Coast Waterproofing not only was the better quote, but I was also fully confident that I was getting the best service from Roger.  Knowing I was in my basement with a mop and bucket every time it rained, he found a way to fit me into his already booked schedule to ensure my basement would be dry for the winter.   He went above and beyond working with me to schedule the work, as I was refinancing my mortgage to pay for it.  He was so very understanding and flexible with the financing, and did the work knowing there would be a delay with my payment.   He and his team did amazing work and completed the job in two days. My neighbours’ yards were not disterbed and his team took such care for my yard and the access points for the equipment. I am so very thankful for my dry basement and for all the extra Roger did for me. He took pictures of the tile as they were uncovered, and even wrote a letter for me to submit to my insurance, explaining the excavation process and what he found. I will sing his praises to anyone looking for waterproofing services. He and his team are professional, experienced, friendly and truly care about their clients. Thank you so much for helping me with a very stressful situation and making it a wonderful experience.

Trudy Fowlie

Four window wells at our house had lifted and we also had a grading issue to deal with. Roger and his team quoted the repair job fairly, showed up on schedule and completed the work within a day. Very impressive. Work was done professionally and his Team demonstrated great care for not only the work area, but also the access points for the equipment. We would definitely recommend East Coast Waterproofing.

The Turner Family

We employed Roger and his team to build a window well and prepare our foundation for a larger window. They encountered an unexpected rebar in the concrete but put in all the extra effort to finish the job with very much professionnalism. The end result is very well done and we are very satisfied with the outcome. They even cleaned inside and fixed up the yard. We have no hesitation to refer this company to anyone who wants to have this kind of work done.

Suzanne Bourgeois & Pierre Robichaud

2 years ago I was walking across my finished basement and my socks came away wet! I had heard about East Coast Waterproofing so I gave Roger a call and with a consult and quote we booked his team to get the leak we could see fixed and decided to complete the entire house because of the age, location and Rogers knowledge.
We are so happy we went with his recommendation because there were 4 other cracks below ground level!
His crew came, dug, cleaned and fixed all the cracks, back filled and tidied up.  3 days – done! With complete focus on one job at a time, you know you’re getting the best possible work without distractions.
Thank you Roger and your team for a professional and thorough fix of our homes basement.  

Sarah T.

Roger and his team did work on my house a few years back and it was a great experience. Roger was up front and honest about what would work and what wouldn’t. Everyone else just came in suit and tie showing me videos not addressing my questions. As for dedication, his team dug under my patio by hand as there was concern that my deck might not survive being moved. (The patio is the full length of my house) The patio is still standing and the basement is dry.

Craig MacArthur

I had the misfortune of having leaks in my basement which required a full excavation and repair. The only plus to this was that I found East Coast Waterproofing and had them do the job. They were incredibly professional and seriously hardworking. Roger is a master at his use of a backhoe and his employees Jessie and Jamal were very hardworking and friendly. I was very nervous when I had to get this job started but within an hour of them working I realized I had hired the right company and i was very comfortable with my decision. I would highly recommend Roger to take care of any of your foundation issues. Very knowledgeable, professional and fair.

Gerri Lable

I am well pleased with the work that was done around our foundation.  Such a nice man and very professional!

Gloria Leblanc

After enduring water leaking into the basement on a few occasions I decided to finally get the problem resolved. The decision to proceed with the repair was predicated by an addition that was going to be built onto the house. After Roger investigated the water problem around the foundation he booked a time for the repair. As it turns out, I needed the repair done sooner to accommodate the addition. Roger was quick to a accommodate and set a time so that the construction of the addition would not be delayed. Roger and his team were great to work with and were diligent on the repair. They completed the basement job and resolved the drainage issue to my satisfaction. I would not hesitate to recommend them for any basement leak repair.

Chris Farmer

Back in 2009 after a big spring thaw i found about an inch of water in my finished basement, i started calling companies for quotes on getting the problem fixed. I called 4 different companies which of 2 didn’t show up. East Coast was the first to come and was able to determine the problem quickly, (my drain tile was plugged) and gave me a price to fix the problem. After the second company came and told me the same reason for the leak and gave me a price to do the same job which was not as reasonable as the first. I talked to my neighbors to see if they had any water problems, and East Coast Water Proofing came highly recommended. So my decision was easy. I called Roger back and he was able to start as soon as all the snow was gone. He had to remove a large deck and fence then replace my drain tile and fix cracks in the foundation. Roger and his team was finished the job in 3 days. I was very pleased with there work and there was no hidden costs when i received the bill. I would highly recommend Roger and his team for any of your water proofing needs.

Thanks Roger

Brent Bona

I have been utilizing the services of East Coast Waterproofing over the last 3 years through my home renovations business and would definitely recommend their services to anyone with foundation problems. Roger and his team are very professional and knowledgeable in this field as well as very quick at getting the problem rectified. If your having basement problems, look no further East Coast Waterproofing are the Right Ones for the job!

Johnny Mountrakis

With the recent birth of our child we were faced with a horrific water damage situation. I called several companies to investigate the problem, determine the source, and estimate the damage. East Coast Waterproofing was the only company that really gave me a good explanation of what the problem was and what issues I was experiencing with my foundation. They took the time, late one evening, to clearly explain the issues and how they would approach fixing them. I was instilled with an immediate sense of trust and knew they were the right ones for the job. Throughout the repair process Roger and his family took the time to show and explain every step of the process to us.

The East Coast Waterproofing family took a very stressful situation for my family and made it both educational and enjoyable.

Thank You!

Gallacher Family

Back in 2008, my downstairs tenants complained of the carpet being damp in their living room. After pulling up the corner of the carpet I noticed that the concrete floor was damp under the carpet near an outside wall. Further investigation from the outside turned up a very small crack in my foundation behind the front steps. Since the downstairs of the house was completely finished as an apartment, it would have been a major job to repair the crack from the inside, not to mention the inconvenience this would cause my tenants.

I called three companies to come and give me an estimate. One company did not even show up, but of the two that did I chose to go with Roger and his team, primarily because of his knowledge of the work that was required and his honesty when he told me that more than likely I would be looking at plugged drain tile given the age of my home and the general location.  Roger’s team started the very next day by removing my front concrete steps and digging up the soil around the crack. Once they reached the footing of the house Roger was able to show me that my drain tile was indeed plugged solid with mud and was no longer sitting in drainage gravel which had presumable sunk further into the soil.

With a complete finished apartment in the basement , I could not take the chance on just fixing the crack and ignoring the fact that the plugged drain tile was causing water to remain up against my house, so I decided that my best option was to completely dig up around the house and replace the drain tile and drainage gravel.

Roger’s team went to work immediately. They had to remove a large deck on the back of my house and cut away a portion of the driveway on the side of the house. Once the area around my house was open, Roger installed new drainage stone and drain tile. With this done, they were able to back fill around the house and reconnect my deck and stairs. The entire process was handled very professionally with no hidden costs or surprises.  It has been 5 years now, since I had the repair and I’m glad to say that I have not had any trouble since. I would highly recommend the East Coast Waterproofing team.

Thanks Roger!

Steve kelly

You never want to be dealing with a flood in your cellar; therefore you need to fix it before it happens.

We decided to call East Coast Waterproofing in early spring and Roger came to check on our home right away. He explained that the system we had was the old system and the way it’s done today is a better system for these problems. He explained step by step how our current system was and how he could restore it to the new system . Once done, we were extremely amazed and pleased with the result. Our neighbors also viewed what was being done, and they were also amazed at all the steps taken.

The crew was very pleasant and they worked hard to make sure this was completed in a timely matter.

We were very impressed with the work done and would easily recommend this company.

C Donelle

My house had problems that I could’nt solve.

So, I called Roger to investigate !  he discovered leaks in the basement walls who became greater problems ;  everytime it rained or snowed.

After evaluating the situation ; Roger realized that he needed to dig down to the footing to install a drain and waterproof by reparing the cracks in the wall, and covering the wall with tar, and finally instaling a membrane to seal the wall, stopping completely the water from entering by the walls.

Rogers team was very nice and hard workers, prepare everything, dig, repare, paint the tar, install the membrane and seal everything up. Finally they escavated and reinstalled everything at its original state.

Marie and I are very happy to have done business with them, and recommend Roger’s team to you, if you have basement leaking problems.

Thanks to Roger’s team to have completed a very nice work at our home.

Alain Paquette

We purchased out first home in 2020, with inspection there was a noted crack in the foundation. I wasn’t worried because I knew Roger was the man to call.  I wanted our new home to be in the best of hands, I wanted high quality work.  This company delivered just that!  From start to finish Roger kept me updated with pictures throughout the entire process.  Efficiency, timely, cleanliness and polite.  These are some of the top words that come to my head when thinking about having Roger and his team at our home.  I hope for no more cracks in the foundation BUT if something happens, I know Roger is only a phone call away.  He will be the only guy/company I would call to do my foundation repair.  Thank you, East Coast Waterproofing.

Tina Young

I called East Coast Waterproofing to deal with water continually seeping into out basement. Roger inspected the property and provided a written quote which detailed the work to be done and the materials to be used. I was very impressed with the hard work of Roger and his crew. We ran into a couple of unforeseen minor issues (not unusual I’m sure when dealing with a full excavation) and both were quickly remedied to my complete satisfaction. Overall I was very satisfied with both how the work was conducted and the quality of the materials used. I highly recommend that anyone experiencing a leaking basement contact East Coast Waterproofing.

Chris Smith

Roger and his crew are an amazing team, they work hard and do nothing but quality work. I was very comfortable having them come in our home with me and my two young children for a 3 day project. We have been putting this project off for years because it seemed so daunting, but this crew handled it with ease and we are so relieved that it has been handled by professionals. We highly recommend you give them a call!

You will not be disappointed. You will know that they did the job right the first time.

Thank You So Much


Hi Roger
I want to express how very pleased I am with the job
You did for me you are very knowledgeable and very easy to talk to the guys you hire are very hard workers and very pleasant, I was watching all the work not because I didn’t trust you but I wanted to appreciate how much work it is for what I pay and I will say that it is very fare also we were communicating the whole time if you were not sure if I wanted certain thins done one way or another you let me decide and you gave me the knowledge to decide you not only did everything you said you would do but much more I will highly recomend your Company thank you
great job

Arthur Cormier

Moncton, NB

Thank you for the wonderful work that was done at my home. You gave clear instructions of the work that was needed, explained what would be done gave me information on the products that would be used. You helped me fully understand details that other had not done when they came over to give an estimate. You worked around my schedule and made me feel comfortable doing so. You helped me out and gave me the support needed when we discovered a wall that was missing. You help me find someone to get that project done in a timely manner that allowed you to get your work done with in my time line.

Your crew was very helpful assisting with my elderly mother when she needed help getting in and out of the house. You and your crew always on time , worked all day long and some time over the hours I was expecting. Once the work was done there was no mess left behind and you made sure a walk around was done and reviewed all of the work.

You are a man of your words as you also help me out when a second situation was present with my next door neighbor. You made sure the situation was handled by yourself putting me at ease once again.

Your service is top notch and I would recommend your company to anyone needing to have foundation work done

Lina Leblanc

Returning home from snowbirding in Florida for the winter we found our basement, which had a full suite to be smelly, damp and evidence of mold around the baseboards. We called Roger and he quickly responded and performed a detailed inspection. The news was not good and we had to demolish the suite and have the foundation excavated and repaired. Roger was both compassionate to our situation but highly professional providing explanations as to the repairs in each step. His crew were polite and friendly and very respectful of our property. They showed up when they said they would and went above and beyond to complete the job with a minimum of disruption. This is a company owner that truly cares about his clients and takes great pride in getting it right. I would highly recommend this company to anyone requiring this type of service.

Bob Burgess

If you’re looking for a reliable crew to repair and prevent water getting into your basement East Coast Waterproofing will do an excellent job. The whole process was carried out by seasoned workers who were friendly, courteous, and very professional.

They listened to my concerns about moving the shrubs away from the foundation, took great care with the lawn, and made the most minimal amount of damage to the property. They used high quality products, and repaired all existing cracks in the foundation before applying the barrier materials. The clean up was done to my satisfaction. Whole process only took several days and was painless.

Because they are a small local business they can keep the prices down and they rely on “word-of-mouth” from their former customers for their success.

I have no financial ties to this group but when skilled tradesmen do a great job I think they should be praised for their efforts!
PS my basement has been watertight for five years.
Yours truly,
A very satisfied customer!

Ron Jensen

We are pleased to recommend the East Coast Waterproofing company. Four hard working men solved the problem of
water leaking into our basement family room. They have the
knowledge and equipment to do the job.

Paul Churchill

I received a call from a tenant that water was coming in from an external wall. After investigating I gave East Coast Waterproofing a call and he arrived about 30 minutes later. He was able to determine a breach in the foundation and repairs started a couple of days later. The weeping tile was completely clogged and water had no place to drain. We decided to have the whole building foundation repaired with hydro-guard and new weeping tile installed. Repairs took about 2 days from start to finish. Roger took care of a stressful situation and stands behind his work. It is nice to know that if you have a problem Roger is just a phone call away.
Thanks for showing up so fast.

Gordon and Joan Whalen

We have had water issues in our basement for a little while before last year. I had called a few companies to get quotes. After having Roger and his team come look at our basement we knew they were the team. Roger made us feel very comfortable, explained in detail everything that was going to be done and was very respectful and professional. We had a very uneasy feeling with the other companies that they would say whatever they could to get the job. Roger and his team were always on time and got the job done and were very pleasant throughout. Always answered all questions we had. The cleanup was great and the yard had minimal damage. They really do a fantastic job and once completed they make sure you are satisfied. I had no doubts with East Coast Waterproofing. I recommend them to anyone with basement / water issues.

You will not be disappointed. You will know that they did the job right the first time.

Thank You So Much