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Moisture or water issues in your basement will significantly devalue your home and can reduce your quality of life.

With most jobs, we excavate the whole house, remove the asphalt, concrete, whatever needs to be removed to dig a 4 foot trench from the wall around the house.

Once foundation is excavated, any and all cracks are chiseled out and repaired with hydraulic cement and bonding agent.  The bonding agent is a must because it makes the old concrete adhere to the new. Foundation is then tarred and wrapped with hydro guard which is a membrane that prevents hydrostatic pressure. We then use a drain tile which is a perforated PCV pipe with a sock on it. The purpose of the sock is to filter out all the silt. The drain tile which is around the perimeter of he foundation is graded to the sewer line or out to daylight, then covered with one quarter to three quarter inch drainage stone. The foundation is then back filled, soil is properly graded away from the house.

Once the job is complete, there is a complete clean up, put the decks back, where ever there was concrete or walkways, we’ll replace it with crushed stone.  We recommend at least a year’s wait for the earth to settle around the foundation before the client does any landscaping or paving.

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