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Water Lines and Sewers

Clean water rushing unexpectedly into your home is overwhelming and if it’s foul water it’s even more devastating. Two plumbing features connect your house to the City system- the incoming water line and the outgoing sewer wastewater line. As both systems are pipes, they share many common problems: breakage, deterioration through age or compromise by external forces like freeze-thaw, vibration, tree roots or construction.

Water Lines

Clearly, broken incoming water pipes need to be repaired or replaced to avoid interior or exterior flooding. Other reasons to replace a water line include greater inflow and pre-emptive replacement to avoid failure. Generally speaking a water main lasts for 50 years and galvanized or lead pipes are even older.


When it comes to sewage, homeowners may confront an issue with breakage, size or clogging- all with unfortunate results. A horizontal drain line or lateral connects the house to the outdoor portion of the sewer line and then eventually to the municipal sewer system or a septic system. While most homeowners never have to worry about this important drainage system, there are always a few unlucky souls who are forced to deal with a main sewer line maintenance or replacement issue.

Sewer replacement